Deep change comes with Experience

Deep change comes with Experience
(Newer waste a good crisis)

Since being married with a psychotherapist, I always have been very open to the concepts and influence of human interaction and the concept of positive psychology. While I always have been 'mindful' in different ways, I started to dig deeper tow years ago. I started to adopt slowly different techniques and specific methods. I also started a journey of not keeping my inner world (value and believes) and outer world (my own career and my private life) separated.

Two years ago I've met MayaWeber during a full-day assessment, I had to conduct. ,She has become a mentor since then. Not only that – we had meetings, which inspired both of us, on what's going on in the tech and financial industry and about deep change. Deep change – that must come from within.

Probably one year later, I have been very surprised, when I realized, that 'Mindfulness'' appeared on a big screen at the entrance of our company. Could it really be? Methods emerging from the world of psychology to the corporate world? Articles about Self Reflection in Business Magazines?

So far - so good. Then COVID and the lockdown came and I – as probably we all – reflected on many different aspects on our personal lives. The crisis made it an imperative to all of us, to adapt the change in a very fast manner - we all experienced a completely new situation:

Working from home suddenly turned out to be real, there is little doubt left, it's for lazy employees only - Digitalization has been pushed to the limits - Act swiftly, implement and launch a product within a single week - Get FAQ's sorted and distributed through a 'raw' tool over a weekend.

We all pushed 'the new way of working' to the next level. The big difference: We not only heard about 'change and transformation initiatives', we all had been part of a huge and fast paced transformation - taking decisions, but more important acquired experience of a tremendous change to a new normal.

The Corona Crisis is easing down, where I live. The disruptive change and our remediation action may require slight re-adjustments, but the disruptive change will remain and influences our way of working going forward. We acquired new knowledge, applied the knowledge in a certain context - transformed it to skills and acquired experience within weeks.


We conducted different steps on our journey:

  • Be Aware of the need for change
  • Self Asses the current state & ambition to change
  • Analyze our options
  • Plan your Actions
  • Act - implementing the plan
  • Accustom and make it a habit

'Never waste a good crisis' means to learn from our experience gained during the time of Corona, but we need to make it habit beyond Corona: Get smarter – instead of working harder. Let's come back to the intro on positive psychology and what you can learn out of it? If you form these 6 bullets and 6A's to a circle you have a potential way to adopt Self Reflection.


Mindfulness, Self Awareness or Self Reflection

is about your very personal way to react on our fast changing world – the way we work, on how we learn continuously. It only works, if we are willing to acquire new knowledge, transforming to a skill, experience the success (or fails) and make it a habit. Deep change must come from within – explore your values and believes –your inner world.

The Circle of the 6A on self-reflection is one potential way to start your journey – but I rather encourage you to find your own personal way: Find the book, author or methods that resonate with you. It could be a start, by searching the web using 'positive psychology', 'mindfulness', 'coaching' or 'self-reflection'. If you think, you stumble on many too 'esoteric' websites; you may consider combining the previous words with 'agile', 'executive' or 'professional'.

Be encouraged to start your own journey. Share your Experience and Feedback.


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