Creating 3Dprinted artpiece is first of all: A creative process to picture the future artpiece based on ideas, emotions, thinking. This is the tough part! Once I have a initial raw idea of the future art piece, I start to 'construct' it in my mind until I have a construction plan in my head, which allows me to start the 'real work' to get the idea to 'digital' before 'printing' it to make it a real-world object.

It all starts with an idea.

Design the 3D Model

I need to establish the envisioned object in a 3D Model as a digital format. Depending on the object there are different options:

- CAD Software (usually used by architects/engineers)
- Software for Sculpting
- 3D Software allowing you to 'script' the model (e.g. OpenScad).



Visualize the result (Render)

3D printing is extremely slow, hence I usually visualize (render) the future artwork using different 3D software to render the photo-realistic image of the future model.



Prepeare the model for print

Most of the my works cannot be printed in a single go - either due to it's complexity of the object or due to the size of the final object. Hence the model needs to be cut in different parts before the print.

Depending on the final print an object consists of 50 up to 400 parts. Since most of my work is interactive I have to add up to 200 magnts to the basket.



Prepare the print (Slicing)

Printing of the 3D model requires a software, that can 'slice' the object. The 'Slicer'-Software creates a file with detailed print commands.

Finally, the file with instructions will be sent to the printer, where the object will be printed
... layer by layer.

Some artworks consist of 400 or more prints and large prints require printing time of 140+ hours.

Once the objects have been printed, the objects are being assembled, mounted and framed.



Once the object has been printed, the final step is the finish.

It may be mounting, framing or also use different techniques to change
the appearance of the surface.


3D Print Material

There are many different materials (filament) available, but most artworks are printed in plastic:
PLA - a environment friendly material, easy to print, for indoor use
ABS - difficult to print, heat resistant, for indoor use
ASA - UV resistant (for outdoor use)

There are many different print materials such as metall, ceramics, etc.





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